The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

“And so what do you do from here? Okay, what do you do once you achieve that level of fitness or that goal that you wanted to achieve? And we’ve seen so many people-- this is what frustrates me the most as a long time coach, 30 years of coaching, is that person that reaches that goal, and they QUIT,” says Jarod Cogswell, co-host of the DEKA Series Podcast.

Spartan Up Podcast, DEKA Series hosts’ Jarod Cogswell and Yancy Culp reach the summit on the final episode of their five-part series titled “A Life Fueled by Fitness.”  During this mini-series, the guys will get you off the roller coaster of fitness, find your purpose and reframe how you think about training. In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The journey to the top of your personal “mountain” that will change the way you live mentally and physically


  • Enjoy the view for a while, BE PROUD OF YOURSELF, and come back down to do the next one


  • What to do after you achieve that goal you had set?


  • The importance of keeping things plugged into your life and being held accountable


  • Reflecting on your last summit to get through the next


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