The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena (lifestyle)

Joe and Zackary delve into the powerful symbolism behind carrying a couch through Spartan Races, a tribute to those struggling with addiction and a call to leave comfort for the community. Zach shares his personal story of overcoming addiction and physical challenges, emphasizing the importance of helping others, especially adaptive athletes, to conquer obstacles.
The conversation touches on modern issues like the dangers of fentanyl, the impact of simulated experiences on youth, and the need for real connections. With heartfelt anecdotes and practical wisdom, Joe and Zach inspire listeners to push beyond their limits and support one another in the journey of life.

00:42 Intro
02:12 We seek comfort at all costs
05:57 Crazy trip to Wales and making connections
10:14 Empowering kids by challenging them
17:22 The dangers of fentanyl addiction
21:03 Carrying a couch to raise awareness
25:23 Race in a wheelchair and the shift in mindset
29:51 Creating real connections and relationships

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Tired of just getting by each day without making progress toward your goals? Learn how one man used an unconventional morning routine to overcome a near-death experience, beat cancer against all odds, and write a bestselling book impacting millions.
Hal Elrod shares his strategies for developing resilience in the face of adversity, finding peace within through acceptance, and taking back control of your health and wellness. Discover the simple daily practices that comprise Hal's Miracle Morning ritual and how you can start your own ritual today to see positive changes in 90 days.
This inspiring episode with Spartan Race founder Joe De Sena will give you practical tips to develop a growth mindset, overcome obstacles, and finally start living the life you want.

00:00 Intro
01:00 Moving from California to Texas
04:11 Hal’s childhood and his first job
05:23 A car crash and 6 minutes of death
07:18 Accepting reality and having faith
11:22 A cancer diagnosis at 37 and a healing mindset
13:48 Doing everything in your power to succeed
16:22 The Miracle Morning book
18:09 Hal’s decision to run a marathon
20:07 How can people find Hal?
22:06 S.A.V.E.R.S - 6 practices of Miracle Morning

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Dr. John Jaquish discovered a revolutionary way to build strong bones that goes against everything you've been told.
In this insightful conversation with Joe De Sena, Dr, John reveals how he cured his own mother's osteoporosis and created a $100 million business - all by ignoring conventional wisdom.
He will also open your eyes to why workouts like weightlifting don't work, and share his portable home gym that packs serious muscle-building power. By the end, you'll be left wondering what other "facts" about health and fitness are actually dead wrong. Dr. John will change what you think you know about building muscle and strength.
Don't miss this eye-opening conversation that just may transform your health forever. Tune in now!


00:00 Intro
01:15 Dr. John Jaquish and his biomedical company
02:49 Dr. John’s childhood, college, and entrepreneurship
06:32 OsteoStrong - a medical device that treats osteoporosis
11:13 Exposure to cold and health benefits
14:19 The importance of hip joint strength
16:07 Joe’s accident and dislocation of hip joint
18:55 Bone density, weight lifting, and the X3 System
26:24 Veganism and ancestral animal-based diet
33:54 Where can people find Dr. John?

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Victor Antonio knows what it's like to struggle. Growing up in poverty-stricken Chicago housing projects, he faced an uphill battle. But through grit and determination, he climbed his way to the top.
In this fascinating episode, Victor pulls back the curtain on his amazing success story. From food stamps as a child to writing bestsellers, he shares the pivotal moments that changed his trajectory.
Learn Victor's unorthodox tactics for understanding customers on a deeper level. Discover how he trains sales teams to minimize objections and build lasting relationships. You'll be inspired by the man who turned adversity into advantage through education, hard work, and never giving up.
01:01 Victor Antonio’s childhood and family
03:45 Family dynamics and education
06:28 Culture shock of going to college
08:35 Fundamental attribution error and personal growth
13:31 The value of an engineering degree
16:01 Leaving his job and writing a book
18:53 Sales Ex Machina book and understanding AI
22:38 Data is the new oil
24:06 Sales engineer: Pre-internet and post-internet sales
27:23 The latest book Relationship Selling
28:36 Life or Debt reality show

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The Lovesac founder Shawn Nelson started with a silly college project - giant beanbags. Now he leads the top-selling couch brand in America. How did he go from dorm room side hustle to building a business worth billions? Tune in as Shawn shares his wild journey of overcoming failures, bankruptcy and naysayers.
Plus, hear Shawn and Joe discussing the couch controversy and finding common ground in their philosophies of pushing limits. Get practical tips on developing grit, balancing work and rest, and achieving your potential through consistent effort and facing fears.
This inspiring conversation provides valuable lessons for entrepreneurs, parents, and anyone striving to maximize success while maintaining well-being. Don't miss Shawn Nelson's intriguing rise from beanbags to billions.

00:00 Intro
00:49 Overnight success story of Lovesac
02:24 Furniture that evolves with you
04:01 Do we really need a couch?
06:36 Rewiring your brain to be active
11:11 Pushing your kids until it works
17:00 Opening dopamine pathways
20:34 Spartan race Massachusetts
21:05 Finding your own thing
24:50 Where can people find Shawn
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Tired of conflicting advice on diabetes? This episode sets the record straight. Dr. Robbie Barbero, who reversed his own Type 1 diabetes with a plant-based diet, unpacks the science on what really causes insulin
You'll be shocked to learn it's NOT sugar as you've been told. Dr. Barbero reveals new research proving dietary fat - not sugar - is the true culprit behind the diabetes epidemic.
He'll also share his own protocol for reversing pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes through a high-carb, low-fat, plant-based approach.
Don't miss this revealing look at the real factors driving the diabetes crisis and take control of your insulin levels and health.
00:00 Intro
01:04 Dietary fat and sugar's role in insulin resistance
04:06 Low fat, high carbs diet for managing Type 1 diabetes
06:16 Robby’s typical daily routine – exercise and diet
10:12 Monitoring blood glucose levels
12:30 Eat more salad
15:39 Do plants want to kill us?
17:16 Healthy packaged foods and use of microwaves
20:56 The experiment with liquid sugar diet
22:12 The biggest impact is what you not eat
24:40 Find what is best for you
26:04 Joe’s story about his dad

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In this episode, Joe De Sena interviews Michael Holt from Savage and Saint on redefining masculinity through integrity, authenticity and inner strength.
They discuss growing up tough and how it shapes character, plus the importance of discipline and relaxation in achieving goals and relationships.
Michael shares his daily wellness routine of meditation, breathing, nutrition and movement - practical self-care habits that unlock spiritual growth and sustainable energy.
Discover an empowering blueprint for well-being, success and real relationships - without macho posturing or martyrdom.
00:00 Intro
01:15 How can we define masculinity?
04:40 The balance of challenge and acceptance
07:51 Going too far in achieving the mission
12:08 The fear of stopping and relaxing
15:54 Six pillars of well-being
19:52 The meditative path is the warrior path

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Tired of kids glued to screens when they should be running around outside? Frustrated with the lack of PE and recess in schools? Dr. Amy Bantham has had enough - and she's starting a revolution to get our youth active again.
As the founder of Move to Live More, Amy is trying to empower families and schools in a fight against physical inactivity. In this motivating episode, she shares why movement matters for mental and physical health, tips for fun family fitness, and innovative solutions to get kids off devices and onto the field.
Whether you're a parent wanting to role model wellness or a community member passionate about youth sports, this show will energize and inspire you to join Amy's movement. Discover practical ways to weave activity into everyday life and help reverse the inactivity crisis - one kid at a time.
00:00 Intro
00:43 Who is Amy Bantham?
02:27 The lack of physical activity in kids
04:59 What can school and parents do?
08:26 Kids going outside for recess policy
11:12 What can we do?
12:32 How can people join the Move to Live More movement?
14:17 Start with a small activity

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Jacob Peters almost died after a COVID-19 vaccine left him hospitalized. Instead of accepting defeat, he was driven to help others avoid similar struggles. His new company Superpower aims to put people in charge of their health data and connect them to innovative care.
This episode follows Jacob's incredible journey—from building Legos into a six-figure business as a teen to founding a major health tech company after a chance meeting on Wall Street. But it was facing his mortality that lit a fire within Jacob. Now, he's building the future of healthcare, one that ensures no one has to fight for their life alone. Get ready to be inspired to reclaim your health and well-being.
00:15 Jacob Peters's journey into health space
05:04 Choosing Entrepreneurship Over Military Career
07:45 From Lego reselling company to Wall Street
09:57 A start-up started by solving Microsoft’s problem
13:28 Lego blocks translated into business building
17:06 Jacob’s health problems after COVID vaccine
26:14 The help of holistic physicians
28:51 Jacob’s current business in health space - Superpower
33:03 Three things everyone should be doing every day

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Tired of the same old drinking culture? In this unconventional podcast episode, Spartan CEO Joe De Sena joins forces with wellness entrepreneur Ruari Fairbairns to drop bombshell strategies for helping people take back control over their lives from Big Alcohol.
From waking guests at dawn with burpees to proposing "water-only" bars, these disruptors will challenge your assumptions with their boldest ideas yet for growing the global sobriety movement.
You'll also get the surprising backstory of how their chance meeting in Iceland sparked their amazing friendship and partnership. Plus, discover little-known industry tactics that have fueled a drinking epidemic worldwide.
For anyone looking to reclaim their freedom from alcohol or support loved ones, this can't-miss conversation provides the unfiltered insights you need to finally change your lifestyle. Are you ready to join the disruption? Listen now to get your game plan.

00:00 Intro
00:54 A crazy story about meeting in Iceland
05:07 You must be available for opportunities
07:02 Making the hard road easy
10:45 How to get more people to join?
15:15 Alcohol destroys our ability to deal with stress
16:36 Manipulations of the alcohol industry to increase alcohol consumption
19:34 Peer pressure and choosing not to drink
21:16 Helping people control drinking


Ruari Fairbairns is the founder and CEO of OYNB, a leading figure in the health and well-being space. He was awarded Great British Entrepreneur of the Year for Scotland and Northern Ireland 2020, with OYNB also being named The Spectator’s Economic Innovator of the Year in the UK. Known for his passionate advocacy for healthier living, Ruari has been instrumental in steering OYNB to the forefront of the alcohol-free movement, inspiring over 100,000 people worldwide to reassess their relationship with alcohol and strive to become the best version of themselves.

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In this fascinating discussion, Dr. Jeff Karp, a top biomedical innovator pulls back the curtain on the difficult journey medical breakthroughs must take to actually help patients. From navigating financial hurdles and clinical trial complexities to manufacturing challenges, hear the surprising barriers promising cures often face on their journey to your local pharmacy.
You'll also get an inside look at how real solutions are being developed. Discover how a nasal spray was created to potentially block COVID transmission and learn about groundbreaking "medical superglue" aiming to revolutionize heart repairs.
If you've ever wondered what really happens after exciting discoveries are made in white coats and petri dishes, don't miss this amazing conversation revealing the untold story of how cutting-edge science becomes accessible healthcare.

00:00 Intro
00:45 Who is Dr. Jeff Karp?
02:30 Complexity of finding and commercializing new solutions
06:42 Dr. Karp’s new book overview
08:30 Indigenous holistic approach to health
09:44 Narrowing of the senses we use to experience the world
11:40 Spartan shield for your nose – Profi Nasal Spray
15:10 Developing glue that can work inside the body

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Tired of synthetic pleasures leaving you unfulfilled?
Former financier and entrepreneur Seth Goldstein knows how easy it is to fall for fake dopamine hits. But he firmly believes that through discipline and authentic challenges like the Spartan Race, people can find genuine happiness and fulfillment.
In this episode, Seth shares his journey of creating an authentic snack brand called MASA Chips. From identifying a problem and analyzing reports to frying small batches of chips and testing the product, he offers proven strategies for making a successful business without compromising your idea. He made a 100% healthy and satisfying snack to help people ditch addictive junk and feel the real thing!
00:00 Intro
00:52 A demand for discipline & challenge
03:00 Starve yourself of synthetic s**t
05:07 Cucumber salad vs Snickers
06:06 Seth’s MASA Chips Company
10:38 Figure out how to fail cheaply
12:18 Find a real problem and solve it

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Tired of feeling drained? Struggling with inflammation or other health issues? Mason Kuhr shares his holistic approach to tapping into your inner strength.
​​Through simple daily rituals like cold exposure, meditation, and burpees, Mason has optimized his energy levels, productivity, and recovery. He'll reveal how reconnecting with nature can boost your immunity, testosterone, and more.
​​You'll also learn Mason's unique take on making wellness accessible and how Stampede Network is revolutionizing holistic living for the modern man or woman.
​​Discover real stories of people healing from issues like infertility and immobility through bee products and lifestyle tweaks. Mason will motivate you to optimize your health and performance from the inside out by harnessing your spiritual power.
​​00:00 A spiritual take on health and wellness
​​01:27 The benefits of bee bread
​​03:04 Making holistic wellness cool
​​05:50 Dopamine hacking
​​06:44 Mason’s daily routine
​​09:14 Meditation and dealing with stress
​​11:01 What’s next for Mason Kuhr?

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Joe De Sena sits down with a young entrepreneur Lukas Pakter, the founder of the SquidHaus fitness apparel company, to discuss sensitive global issues with nuance, as well as Lucas' unconventional path to building his booming athletic apparel brand.
Lucas shares his viral strategy of leveraging an "influential army" of top fitness creators to take over the scene. He plans to sell thousands of discounted tickets to Joe's Spartan Race using influencer codes, donating over $1M to charity in the process. Joe gives the plan his stamp of approval.
Viewers will learn Lucas's unique brand story, top tips for starting young, and lessons on accountability from these experienced leaders. With open discussion on controversy and actionable advice, this episode is a must-watch for anyone pursuing a business or looking to better understand complex issues.
00:00 Joe’s “controversial” post on IG
02:34 The conversation has to happen
04:06 We shy away from having a stance
05:59 What does SquidHaus mean and represent?
08:06 Finding a job vs. starting a company
10:04 Leveraging business through Spartan Race
14:34 How to start a business?
16:44 Three things every entrepreneur should do every day
19:55 Three books everybody needs to read
21:57 How to find Lukas Pakter?

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In this powerful episode, Spartan founder Joe De Sena sits down for an in-depth conversation with the amazing Brian Johnson, also known as the Heroic Philosopher CEO. They discuss Brian's strategies for building anti-fragile confidence through consistent action.
Brian shares how we can close the gap between who we are and who we want to be by doing what we say we'll do. He explains the importance of living each day with virtue and intensity.
Joe and Brian also discuss forging strength through challenges and gaining emotional stamina. Brian provides practical tools for taking control of your life through developing a clear protocol.
This episode will motivate and inspire you to play the ultimate game of life to your fullest potential. You'll walk away with actionable advice for overcoming obstacles and living without regret. Tune in to hear more!

00:00 Intro
01:19 Who is Brian Johnson?
02:52 Why did Brian write a book?
05:13 How do we become our best selves?
07:26 The power of Now
11:17 The new “phone” generation
14:16 Training heroes to become gods
16:57 Forge anti-fragile confidence
20:13 Surviving was the way of life
21:48 Anxiety and depression in today’s world
25:01 Brian’s protocol and advice
29:12 The eulogy exercise
32:44 How to find Brian?
34:31 Behind the scenes of the podcast
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Yes, you’re in the right place.  Starting Januray 6th this is where you’ll find the Spartan Up Podcast.  

No, I’m not Joe, but he will be here January 6th, with his panel of experts, to to learn about and share what makes the most successful athletes, entrepreneurs, authors, adventurers and academics tick.

While you’re waiting visit to see video previews, or follow us on twitter at SpartanUpPod. 

See you in January.

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