The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

Victor Antonio knows what it's like to struggle. Growing up in poverty-stricken Chicago housing projects, he faced an uphill battle. But through grit and determination, he climbed his way to the top.
In this fascinating episode, Victor pulls back the curtain on his amazing success story. From food stamps as a child to writing bestsellers, he shares the pivotal moments that changed his trajectory.
Learn Victor's unorthodox tactics for understanding customers on a deeper level. Discover how he trains sales teams to minimize objections and build lasting relationships. You'll be inspired by the man who turned adversity into advantage through education, hard work, and never giving up.
01:01 Victor Antonio’s childhood and family
03:45 Family dynamics and education
06:28 Culture shock of going to college
08:35 Fundamental attribution error and personal growth
13:31 The value of an engineering degree
16:01 Leaving his job and writing a book
18:53 Sales Ex Machina book and understanding AI
22:38 Data is the new oil
24:06 Sales engineer: Pre-internet and post-internet sales
27:23 The latest book Relationship Selling
28:36 Life or Debt reality show

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