The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

When does pursuing your goals mean neglecting your relationships? For high-performing couples, maintaining intimacy may become hard and require intentionality.
In this episode, Amy Wine shares her strategies for helping elite athletes, entrepreneurs and busy professionals prioritize connection - even when life gets hectic. Learn a system for designing communication around each partner's unique rhythms and needs.
Learn about the "married roommate" trap and how to overcome it. Discover Amy's techniques for educating spouses on the elite mindset and scheduling meaningful moments together.
Whether you're training for the Olympics or building an empire, get Amy's advice for keeping romance alive while chasing your dreams.
00:00 Intro
01:04 Who is Amy Wine?
01:40 Troubles with relationships
03:57 Married roommates stage
07:31 High-class problems
09:21 Being there for your spouse
11:23 The mindset of wanting the change
15:46 Finding the joy
18:08 We don’t own stuff, it owns us
20:41 How can people find Amy?

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