The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

Howard Chang was a karate champion at 17, but he derives more satisfaction from being bad at something than he does from being a master. At 17 he completely switched gears to endurance racing, a sport which he admits no natural affinity towards. He eventually excelled at that as well. Learning to fail and get back up, Chang believes,  is the key to success in any endeavor, and he is eager to practice this at every opportunity. Not content with the everyday challenges of life, Chang seeks out adversity. This gritty strategy has propelled him to high places. He is currently CEO of a Toronto ad agency which is renowned for its high standards of environmental and social responsibility.

1. The fast track to growth is to take on a challenge you're not necessarily good at and let adversity be your teacher.
2. The ability to fail, pick back up and rebuild is essential in business.
3. Don't coddle your kids. Teach them a work ethic while still allowing them the freedom to have adventures. Don't shield them from difficulties.

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Carl Quintanilla, weekend NBC Nightly News anchor, decided to make the jump from The Wall Street Journal to Television when the future of print looked uncertain. Though he has secured a coveted position, he initially paid his dues by always saying yes to opportunities, including reporting in Iraq, where by that time, fortunately, hostilities were on the wane. The resilience he built up in such an ambitious career track explains why he coasted through the Spartan course prior to the interview. Joe and Carl discuss what they have learned through their interactions with the successful as well techniques that have helped them in their own lives.

1. Set a limited time to reflect on failure (3 days max) then move forward.
2. In general, yes is the best answer. Don't build walls.
3. The key to success is surviving long enough to get lucky.

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Dr. Galasso has, in his work with developmentally disabled Spartans, motivated some 2000 gritty children across the finish line. This endeavor is a great model for the no less formidable challenge parents face in setting a worthy course for their own kids. In this episode Galasso describes a strategy framed by hope, healing, empowerment and connection. Celebrate Father's Day by striving to be the type of parent that enables his children to thrive in the face of life's obstacles.

1.Support children in a way that instills the belief that they are capable of anything.
2. Notice the things you like about your kids, even in the teen years.
3. Being a strong father figure is the will increase the chance that your children follow a righteous path.

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Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, is an extreme example of the high school reunion paradox. We all have seen it. Homecoming kings and queens who have sunk into mediocrity while awkward "nobodies" have somehow made it big. Costello, the one who was always picked last for the team, is now CEO of Twitter. He describes how he used his perpetual outsider status to scrap his way to the top. His strategy is surprisingly simple; it's only the execution that's difficult.

1. With enough perseverance even the most unlikely to succeed may find themselves on top.
2. Simply being willing to put yourself in uncomfortable situations is the best way to build resilience.
3. Success in business is like forestry management: you may be surrounded by wildfires, but the key is to identify and extinguish the most urgent ones first.

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The Underground Strength Training crew is about to be subjected to a 24 hr. workout, but as entrepreneurs they are well accustomed to that dynamic. They have some great insight (Like the failsafe man in the mirror test) on what it takes to navigate through the hard times in service of a passion. 

1. Look at sacrifices made for success as an investment.
2. If you can delay gratification, you will be more successful in all areas of life.
3. Find your why by telling it to yourself in the mirror since it’s almost impossible to lie to yourself this way.
4. Surround yourself with supportive people of a like mind, if they can’t be found in person find them in books and podcasts.

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Dan Richards, Global Rescue CEO, is here to remind you that there’s a fine line between pushing through adversity and putting yourself in unreasonable peril. His company Global Rescue rescues those who walk that line then somehow slip, any place in the world. He shares stories of some of those rescues and what they taught him.

1. Never underestimate the environment.
2. You need to correctly calibrate your perception of risk to the environment you're entering and not just try to push through adversity.
3. The law of numbers will catch up with you, so scout out risks beforehand by analyzing the situation.

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