The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

In this episode, Joe se Sena is having an insightful conversation with TeamSnap CEO Pete Frintzilas. Pete shares how facing challenges as a child of immigrants built his resilience and success. He discusses lessons learned on instilling a strong work ethic in kids without spoiling them.
Joe and Pete also discuss how continuous learning and seeking guidance from mentors fueled their growth and empowered them to overcome obstacles. Discover actionable advice on prioritizing your career early, developing an immigrant work ethic, and showing appreciation to accelerate your success from scratch.
Tune in now!
00:00 Intro
01:01 Pete Frintzilas's background and childhood
03:55 Raising resilient children
07:31 Overprinting of the first child
09:05 Challenges of being a CEO of a big company
10:56 Hard work, mentors, and professional growth
13:24 Communication, gratitude, and working hard
15:55 Regret for not starting a business earlier
17:54 Where can people find Pete?

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Victor Antonio knows what it's like to struggle. Growing up in poverty-stricken Chicago housing projects, he faced an uphill battle. But through grit and determination, he climbed his way to the top.
In this fascinating episode, Victor pulls back the curtain on his amazing success story. From food stamps as a child to writing bestsellers, he shares the pivotal moments that changed his trajectory.
Learn Victor's unorthodox tactics for understanding customers on a deeper level. Discover how he trains sales teams to minimize objections and build lasting relationships. You'll be inspired by the man who turned adversity into advantage through education, hard work, and never giving up.
01:01 Victor Antonio’s childhood and family
03:45 Family dynamics and education
06:28 Culture shock of going to college
08:35 Fundamental attribution error and personal growth
13:31 The value of an engineering degree
16:01 Leaving his job and writing a book
18:53 Sales Ex Machina book and understanding AI
22:38 Data is the new oil
24:06 Sales engineer: Pre-internet and post-internet sales
27:23 The latest book Relationship Selling
28:36 Life or Debt reality show

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In this episode of The Hard Way podcast, Joe De Sena interviews Paul Foster, the founder of the iconic fitness brand Reebok.
Tune in as Foster recounts growing up in a family shoe business plagued by infighting, and his risky decision to break out on his own with his brother. Listen how this small startup found its big break by pivoting to capitalize on the aerobics craze just starting to sweep the nation.
Foster shares the story of how resilience, innovation, and an openness to new opportunities allowed Reebok to outmaneuver giants and become the #1 brand in women's fitness worldwide. De Sena and Foster also discuss invaluable lessons around turning obstacles into opportunities and how perseverance can pay off big for entrepreneurs willing to work hard and think outside the box.
00:00 Intro
00:49 How did Reebok start?
04:16 Selling Reebok and going into aerobics
06:24 Surviving and thriving in business
08:07 Working with family members
09:23 Why do most companies fail?
10:43 The role of luck in success
11:28 The importance of sports
12:55 Writing a book - Shoemaker
15:42 How can people find Joe?
16:08 Preparing the second book
17:53 Just keep going

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The Lovesac founder Shawn Nelson started with a silly college project - giant beanbags. Now he leads the top-selling couch brand in America. How did he go from dorm room side hustle to building a business worth billions? Tune in as Shawn shares his wild journey of overcoming failures, bankruptcy and naysayers.
Plus, hear Shawn and Joe discussing the couch controversy and finding common ground in their philosophies of pushing limits. Get practical tips on developing grit, balancing work and rest, and achieving your potential through consistent effort and facing fears.
This inspiring conversation provides valuable lessons for entrepreneurs, parents, and anyone striving to maximize success while maintaining well-being. Don't miss Shawn Nelson's intriguing rise from beanbags to billions.

00:00 Intro
00:49 Overnight success story of Lovesac
02:24 Furniture that evolves with you
04:01 Do we really need a couch?
06:36 Rewiring your brain to be active
11:11 Pushing your kids until it works
17:00 Opening dopamine pathways
20:34 Spartan race Massachusetts
21:05 Finding your own thing
24:50 Where can people find Shawn
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When does pursuing your goals mean neglecting your relationships? For high-performing couples, maintaining intimacy may become hard and require intentionality.
In this episode, Amy Wine shares her strategies for helping elite athletes, entrepreneurs and busy professionals prioritize connection - even when life gets hectic. Learn a system for designing communication around each partner's unique rhythms and needs.
Learn about the "married roommate" trap and how to overcome it. Discover Amy's techniques for educating spouses on the elite mindset and scheduling meaningful moments together.
Whether you're training for the Olympics or building an empire, get Amy's advice for keeping romance alive while chasing your dreams.
00:00 Intro
01:04 Who is Amy Wine?
01:40 Troubles with relationships
03:57 Married roommates stage
07:31 High-class problems
09:21 Being there for your spouse
11:23 The mindset of wanting the change
15:46 Finding the joy
18:08 We don’t own stuff, it owns us
20:41 How can people find Amy?

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