The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

Damion Hahn came a hair’s breadth away from making the Olympics and advises those not achieving there goals “be mad about it, then turn your attention to tomorrow.” He channels that drive training a team that has been  near dynasty for the last quarter century of Ivy League wrestling. They got there by honing raw talent. The best persist, the rest need to find their niche elsewhere. Hahn has seen this success translate into the wrestler’s everyday lives and he shares the methods that have built such consistent winners.


    1.    Everybody’s motivated differently; adjust your approach accordingly.
    2.    Enter each day with a purpose!
    3.    Be part of a community that motivates you achieve.

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This week’s podcast features two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, Christian Johnson and Chad Grills, disrupting the world of business. Johnson started Fotition a platform to unite brands people and charities to create a positive social outcome. He arrived at this idea by following  his lifelong mantra, “creativity will save the world,” which lead him to a vocation that will leave a legacy. Grills, a former Army infantryman, took note of better ways to do things during deployments in Egypt and Iraq and channeled them into a sharing and trading service for business assets called He discusses the ways he has used the challenges of the military and life to overcome obstacles.


1, The problem is the solution (permaculture principle).
2, Learn to love the word no. Turn it into an opportunity to overcome challenge.
3. Ask yourself if you are living up to your life’s mantra and serving the greater good.

Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.
Hosts: Joe De Sena with Johnny Waite, Sefra, Col. Tim Nye, Delle & David Deluca
Synopsis – Matt Baatz
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Nini Meyer created Positive Tracks as a way to get kids moving and involved with a cause through athletics. She has witnessed it not only helping the causes, but connecting the youth with each other and teaching them to manage risk, take on challenges and get active. Since not every child enters the program with the same resources, it also teaches them the vital lesson of using what they got at the moment and building from there. A lifelong volunteer who adopted ultra-endurance running well into her adulthood, Meyer found a way to combine the two into something exceedingly positive.


    1.    Whenever you see the hazy outlines of a starting line begin to form, don’t turn away. Run straight towards it.
    2.    You can’t cross the ocean by staring at the sea.
    3.    Achieving challenging acts with groups creates a sense of shared struggle and perseverance propelling you towards your goal through

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Helping runners move faster and injury free is the mission of Nathan Helming. A former Ironman qualifier, Nathan Helming runs programming for San Francisco Crossfit with a focus on helping runners and triathletes become better rounded athletes. He’s taking this passion into a startup called The Run Experience which guides athletes through strength, conditioning and problem solving to reach their goals through online webinars. Frustration with chronic injury spurred by a too narrow focus on conditioning caused Helming to seek out SF crossfit with its philosophy of a more balanced approach. He is now adapting his experience to propel athletes past their limitations.


    1.    Be process focused: set aside fear of the outcome and engage in the task at hand.
    2.    Understand that you have a choice at every moment.
    3.    Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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The founder of Charity Water, Scott Harrison was a successful nightclub promoter living a life of decadence many might envy. He found himself hobnobbing with the beautiful people on a daily basis, but he had an epiphany on the beaches of Uruguay. Though he didn’t lack materially he was morally, spiritually and emotionally bereft.  He sold everything, took up residence in a friend’s closet and volunteered in war torn Liberia, paying for the privilege. While there he found his mission: He would use his influence to help remediate the lack of clean water that often leads to disease for the 660 million people in third world nations who are affected.


    1.    To change your life, and the life of others, it may be necessary to step into a new story of your life and scrap the old one.
    2.    The best way to motivate change is through the promise of positive action with tangible results and not through shame or guilt.
    3.    Do not compromise your values and morality; maintain your tenacity and you will find a way through the challenge.

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