Spartan Up! - A Spartan Race for the Mind!

Nini Meyer created Positive Tracks as a way to get kids moving and involved with a cause through athletics. She has witnessed it not only helping the causes, but connecting the youth with each other and teaching them to manage risk, take on challenges and get active. Since not every child enters the program with the same resources, it also teaches them the vital lesson of using what they got at the moment and building from there. A lifelong volunteer who adopted ultra-endurance running well into her adulthood, Meyer found a way to combine the two into something exceedingly positive.


    1.    Whenever you see the hazy outlines of a starting line begin to form, don’t turn away. Run straight towards it.
    2.    You can’t cross the ocean by staring at the sea.
    3.    Achieving challenging acts with groups creates a sense of shared struggle and perseverance propelling you towards your goal through

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