The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

Marc Von Musser, the director of coaching for Tony Robbins, says find the why and the how will follow closely behind. He shares the secret in this interview.  If you're like most people, you've been lulled into complacency, seduced by the sirens of comfort and convenience. But Marc Von Musser says that you're wasting your precious life. So what do you do to get out of this predicament? Work harder? That will only take you so far and will prove to be a partial solution. Work smarter? Naturally, but again this doesn't probe deep enough. As Von Musser elucidates, we're asking the entirely wrong question: We should be asking why and the rest will follow closely behind.

1. If a person has a big enough why, they can do anything.
2. Once you find a why, backload it with intelligence and inspired action.
3. To find your why ask yourself what you would do if money wasn't an issue.
4. Don't question the price of success; pay it gladly and success will come to you in droves.
5. Most people who play it safe are bored to death. And most people play it safe.

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Explorer Club members have ventured to the bottom of the deepest ocean, the top of the highest mountain, to both poles and to the moon and back. Next stop for their iconic flag - Mars. According to executive director Will Roseman, members of this venerated organization have undertaken extraordinary expeditions that have significantly advanced the cause of humankind, they’ve also used extraordinary means to survive everything from panther attacks to avalanche burials. Counted in their number are a US president, a hugely successful movie director, astronauts and many legendary explorers. Roseman tells their stories and reveals some of their secrets.

1. "Never give up. Never give up. Never give up." Winston Churchill
2.  But, on the other hand, go into an endeavor mindfully: Assess risk. Do your homework. Be prepared.
3.  The will to survive is indomitable.

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Levison Wood just finished walking the full length of the Nile. Walking, that is, when he wasn't running from charging buffalos, elephants and crocs or wading through python infested swamps, or dodging bullets... Yet for this seasoned explorer it was well worth the risk, not only for the exhilaration of being the first, but also for the richness of the experience. Often the biggest obstacle was not escaping the perilous but enduring the mundane. Wood describes how he developed the grit to push through.

1. Manage risk; don't avoid it. No risk no reward.
2. We need much less stuff than we realize. Simplify your life.
3. You're the only one who determines what you're capable of, so persist through the naysayers.

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The span of Tyler Wren's 13 year pro cycling career included a time when doping was rampant. Giving in to the status quo, while risky, could almost certainly have landed Wren a coveted spot in the Tour de France. He was too well grounded in his values: To him success was not about his position relative to others, but becoming the best person he could be. Learn about his journey which has taken him, currently, to directing bucolic, community oriented cycling events, the next of which takes place at the birthplace of Spartan Race in Pittsfield, Vermont.


1. Success is personal.  It's about focusing on and achieving your own goals without being diverted by other's opinions.
2. Align your values with your actions by writing them down and hanging them in easy view.
3. Just stepping out the door is simultaneously the simplest and hardest action you can take in service of success.

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