The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

The span of Tyler Wren's 13 year pro cycling career included a time when doping was rampant. Giving in to the status quo, while risky, could almost certainly have landed Wren a coveted spot in the Tour de France. He was too well grounded in his values: To him success was not about his position relative to others, but becoming the best person he could be. Learn about his journey which has taken him, currently, to directing bucolic, community oriented cycling events, the next of which takes place at the birthplace of Spartan Race in Pittsfield, Vermont.


1. Success is personal.  It's about focusing on and achieving your own goals without being diverted by other's opinions.
2. Align your values with your actions by writing them down and hanging them in easy view.
3. Just stepping out the door is simultaneously the simplest and hardest action you can take in service of success.

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