The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

When the US abruptly left Afghanistan a group of veterans took matters into their own hands to rescue their Afghan allies and partners.


"What does a promise mean to you? And how far would you go to honor it?"


Lt. Col. Scott Mann (ret) is a veteran and author of the New York Times bestseller “Operation Pineapple Express.” He is the founder of The Hero's Journey, a nonprofit that helps veterans and military family members connect to their story.


Scott talks with Joe De Sena (CEO & Founder of Spartan Race) about how the government abandoned the Afghan people and how this has led to what he calls “a great moral injury.”  He explains the challenges veterans and their Afghan Special Operator friends and partners are now facing.  

Scott talks about the young man, Nazam, who was passenger number one on the Pineapple Express. He was shot through the face on a patrol with US. Special Forces because he turned to warn the patrol that they were walking up on Taliban. 


Scott wanted the narrative of the book to be storytelling first and foremost, not a military book, not an intelligence analysis. He interviewed dozens and dozens of people, including some senior level people in the US. Military, intelligence professionals. 



Operation Pineapple Express

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Host: Joe De Sena

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