Spartan Up! - A Spartan Race for the Mind!

The founder of Charity Water, Scott Harrison was a successful nightclub promoter living a life of decadence many might envy. He found himself hobnobbing with the beautiful people on a daily basis, but he had an epiphany on the beaches of Uruguay. Though he didn’t lack materially he was morally, spiritually and emotionally bereft.  He sold everything, took up residence in a friend’s closet and volunteered in war torn Liberia, paying for the privilege. While there he found his mission: He would use his influence to help remediate the lack of clean water that often leads to disease for the 660 million people in third world nations who are affected.


    1.    To change your life, and the life of others, it may be necessary to step into a new story of your life and scrap the old one.
    2.    The best way to motivate change is through the promise of positive action with tangible results and not through shame or guilt.
    3.    Do not compromise your values and morality; maintain your tenacity and you will find a way through the challenge.

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