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Sebastian Junger, author of "The Perfect Storm," "War," and "Tribe" has a new book called "Freedom." There's at least one simple truth about freedom, the more discomfort you'll accept in your life, the more options you have. As Sebastian Junger says:

"If you have to take a shower every day, you will never be able to spend the night in the woods. Right? I mean, that's just a loss of voluntary loss of freedom. If you refuse to be hot or cold or hungry or tired or what have you, you really have to live your life in the sort of confines of a modern American lifestyle that is very free in some ways, but also creates a kind of dependency in almost everyone that is the opposite of freedom."


SEBASTIAN JUNGER is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of THE PERFECT STORM, FIRE, A DEATH IN BELMONT, WAR, TRIBE and his newest book, FREEDOM (2021). As an award-winning journalist, a contributing editor to Vanity Fair and a special correspondent at ABC News, he has covered major international news stories around the world and has received both a National Magazine Award and a Peabody Award. Junger is also a documentary filmmaker whose debut film "Restrepo," a feature-length documentary (co-directed with Tim Hetherington), was nominated for an Academy Award and won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance. 


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