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“It’s actually been really fun to start coaching, understanding what works for other people and that helps me in my own training,” says Jonathan Albon, 2014 Spartan World Champion, on the transition to coaching while training full-time.


Spartan Up Endurance Series host, Johnny Waite, talks with Jonathan about coaching, heart rate zone targeting and how Jonathon gets the most out of his athletes. In this episode you’ll learn…


-How to use technology to improve training

-How Jonathon defines being over threshold vs under threshold and when you should hit each zone

-How to train for a race in the high altitude zones

-What heart rate zone Jonathan targets for training

More about Jonathan: 

Jonathan Albon is an all-round athlete who competes in both obstacle course racing and trail running. Current stats include: undefeated OCR World Champion, current Trail World Champion and Ultra Skyrunning World Champion. Jonn has seen much success within both sports - running and OCR -  with an appetite for adventure and pushing his limits.  Who knows where his sporting pursuits will take him next. Jon is proudly supported by vj sport, ultimate direction & mountain fuel.


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