The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

“Stop worrying about what other people think about you. You know, those very first steps you take, as a runner, when you feel stupid, when you feel you have no right to be there, you’re maybe’re in kind of baggy running kit, and overweight, and don’t really know what you’re doing. And you’re so paranoid that people are going to see you. I know women that have gone running in the dark, to start with, because they didn’t want anyone else to see,” says Dr. Juliet McGrattan, award-winning author and Founder of 261FearlessClubUK.

Spartan Up Podcast, DEKA Series hosts’ Jarod Cogswell and Yancy Culp take their next step with part 2 of their new 4 part mini-series, Winning the Mind Game.  During this mini-series, the guys will address overall well-being and how to unlock the doors holding us back in our minds. This episode is about being bold. In this episode you’ll learn about:

  • Juliet’s journey: Leaving behind medicine and her career as a General Practitioner to focus on her passion of running, while still helping people live healthily


  • People’s transformations of confidence and fitness through the initiatives of 261 Fearless


  • Differences between men and women dissolving when it comes to endurance


  • Digging deep to find out why you want to run in the first place and staying consistent


  • Juliet’s top 3 lessons on creating your own legacy


Dr. Juliet McGrattan is an author, speaker, runner and former General Practitioner.

If you enjoyed our conversation, make sure to check out Juliet’s new book, Run Well, and her first book, Sorted: The Active Woman’s Guide to Health.

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