The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

“It's not wrestlers that have done well in MMA or are doing well in MMA. That is historically false. It is American wrestlers. Specifically because of the takedown. Knowing to hold a man down against his will, or vice versa, you get taken down, force it to get up and get free with a guy on top of you who's a trained killer who doesn't want you free. The standup and the ride is what separates. That's the toughness,” says Chael Sonnen, UFC Light Heavyweight and Middleweight championship contender and NCAA Division I All-American.


Spartan Up Combat Series host, Ryan Warner, talks with Chael Sonnen about reaching greatness and maximizing your career in combat sports. In this episode you’ll learn...

  • How Chael got into wrestling, and then pankration, the original MMA


  • The importance of having a great coach like Matt Lindland and ditching the stigma against Greco


  • If Chael thinks any rules should be changed in freestyle or folkstyle


  • How to market yourself as a wrestler

Connect with Chael on social…


-Twitter: @ChaelSonnen


-Instagram: @sonnench



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