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Host Dr. L says: Undoubtedly, you will be asked in your lifetime to give advice. This may come from a family member, a friend, a colleague, or perhaps even a stranger. What’s important to remember is that giving good advice isn’t always considering what you might do in that situation and then providing feedback. The best advice is actually given when you consider the source - who are you giving the advice to, what is their history, and what experiences in theif life might shape how they move forward? We need to drop our own ego when we are in an advice-giving position and really step in THEIR shoes. Not live in your own.

Advice isn’t always easy to give because we are often projecting our own experience onto that which we provide.
Considering the source of who is requesting the advice and what might be a good step for them to take is considerably different than what might be what you would do.
Drop your ego, try to really put yourself in their shoes, and encourage accordingly.

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