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We train our bodies and focus on flexibility so that we prevent injury, recover better, and perform at our optimum. But we must also build mental flexibility for the same reason: It prevents us from getting stuck, helps to build resilience, and allows us to perform better in life. There are a few ways that you can work on building this cognitive flexibility. First, challenge the norm. Certain ways of thinking may be in place because “it’s always been that way.” Challenge this by exposing yourself to new ways of doing and thinking. Practice tolerating the discomfort you feel by doing this more regularly and your capacity for mental flexibility will increase!


Mental flexibility is important because it allows you to shift perspective and tolerate that which feels different.

Increase your mental flexibility by doing things a new way and putting yourself in a position of challenge.

The more exposed you are to situations that challenge your current line of thinking the stronger your cognitive flexibility will be. .


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