The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

Social isolation can lead to some super unhealthy patterns that we have to be careful of falling into. It can always have a profound impact on our mood and our willingness to engage socially in the future. When you find yourself isolating it’s important to remember that at some point you will need to step out of isolation in order to better serve your mental health. Taking that first step can be hard but it is necessary to say YES to that invitation that you would prefer to avoid (rather this is through an e-meeting or in-person). It’s also an important step to consider what led you to isolating in the first place.



  • Social isolation can lead to decreased mood and greater experiential avoidance of connectedness.
  • In order to move away from being socially isolated you must sometimes take the first step of saying ‘yes’ to gathering that you would prefer to say ‘no’ to. 
  • Evaluate and dig into why you isolated in the first place in order to understand what systems were at play caused the social avoidance. 



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