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Yes! There actually is a right way to plan! Whether you are planning to run errands, planning to change your relationship with food, or planning to start a new workout routine, knowing what works and what doesn’t can help. A phenomenon called the planning fallacy can get us into trouble when it comes to planning because here we tend to overestimate our abilities because we assume perfect conditions and ignore past data. When we assume perfect conditions, we disregard all of the things that could make the road more rocky and the path more of a struggle. And when we ignore past data, we take the approach of this being the ‘first time’ and leave all of the great wisdom from past failures in the past.

How do you get around this? First, assume imperfect conditions. Assume struggles and mud will slow you down and plan for it! And next, take wisdom that you’ve gained from the past in regards to what you’re planning for and use it in the present.

Understand the planning fallacy: the tendency to overestimate your abilities because you assume perfect conditions on your route and you ignore data from the past.
When you start out, consider what struggles and roadblocks you might encounter and plan accordingly.
Bring with you data from the past in terms of what’s worked and wasn’t hasn’t, and use it in the present.

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