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Brian "Tosh" Chontosh says this is just another way of saying don't be an emotional based decision maker, don't be impulsive, or think about what you are doing / not doing. For me, phrasing it this way simply invites engaging about what it means to not allow a transitory feeling or emotion to rule on my actions.

I start to introduce the power of feedback mechanisms and discipline. When we give in to mood we have an often temporary high followed with a low of sorts. [ It doesn't always have to be the pleasure & guilt dynamic. ] What happens is the decision to arrive at the immediate high receives the connection to a response from mood and the further down the road low just gets labeled as a new mood that needs to be placated. The opposite is true where discipline to do an uncomfortable thing now yields a down the road high where if we can remember to associate that feeling of high as a reward to the decision to deny comfort (in this example) we can modify behavior and decisions.

Anytime you say to yourself “I don’t feel or I’m not in the mood…” check in
Let your mood have an appropriate vote along with a handful of rational informatives

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