The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

Often, we take on a lot. More than we should maybe. We say YES to things we only feel lukewarm about and we nod our heads to things we would rather shake them to. The thing is, if we are saying YES to everything then it’s difficult to really tease apart what matters to us and we can end up being resentful of our own inability to set firm boundaries. Sometimes we have to set a firm NO so that we can have even firmer YESES down the road. When you set a firm NO, when you pass on something that you know in your heart isn’t right for you, you make yourself available to other things down the road that you feel strongly IS right for you.

Setting a firm NO makes you more available to better YESES down the road.
Ask yourself: What am I saying YES to that I really need to be saying NO to?
Remember, saying NO to someone is not a personal attack. It is an exercise in setting boundaries and giving yourself permission to be firm.

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