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If you haven’t experienced performance anxiety yourself then most likely you know someone who has. Performance anxiety is common and its intensity can span across the spectrum. Although dealing with performance anxiety can sometimes feel like a hopeless feat, there are actually some pretty effective strategies that can help you learn to manage the worry you feel in the face of public performance.

First, remembering that the individuals around you - whether out in the crowd or on the race course - are just people; people who have struggles, who live and breath just like you. They are just humans! So being afraid of them or their judgments won’t serve you and certainly won’t serve your performance. Second, remember the preparation that it took for you to participate in whatever event you’ve got on the table. Use a mantra that can help you call up your level of preparation and remind yourself that you’ve got this! And lastly, predict your success in the future through using a visualization. When we visualize and use mindful practices to envision our success, we are more likely to behave the way we feel - which is more confident!

Performance anxiety is a common struggle that you can experience in different arenas and with varying levels of intensity.
Using strategies to help you push through performance anxiety will serve you in learning to manage the worry you experience.
These three concrete tools (the three Ps) can be used to help you reduce your anxiety:
Remember that your audience or peers are PEOPLE just like you!
Call up your PREPARATION and use a mantra to remind yourself that you are more put together than you feel.
PREDICT your success in the future through visualization and mindful practices. Envision yourself with a win!

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