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“I took notice to some of the other dads, and I saw that as soon as life, you know, quote unquote, life happens, they just stopped everything, aside from work and sitting down. Meaning they stopped being fit, they stopped trying to be strong. They stopped trying to develop themselves, not just physically, but mentally…They just let it go,” says Zach Even Esh, founder of The Underground Strength Gym.


In this episode, the third and final part of our New Year Motivation series, we’re taking advice on how to find success without giving up on your vision. In this episode you’ll learn about…

- Confirmation bias: knowing when your leaning the wrong direction on something and identify when your latching onto info that is holding you back
- You have to have a vision, a vision strong enough to succeed while knowing there’s no safety net. Don’t give up, but you have to adjust to the course
- Learning from unsuccessful actions
- Building momentum


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