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“If you can recognize that you want to feel empowered, that you want greater vitality and health, that you want to be able to deal with stress better, that you want to find a community that you belong to. Things we know are part of what exercise gives us. If you get clear about that, that “Why?” It can help you find the willingness to go,” says Kelly McGonigal, PhD.

Dr. Kelly McGonigal is an award-winning Stanford lecturer, health psychologist, author, and public speaker. Health psychology may not be a field you’ve heard of before, and after hearing this conversation, you’ll be amazed and will want more people like Kelly in the fitness world. In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Tolerating discomfort to the point that you feel independent and the sensation of it


  • How uncomfortable situations tell us who we truly are


  • How to develop the willingness to overcome your challenges


  • Kelly’s own epiphany to be physical and be HAPPY


  • How to harness the energy from stress for healthier responses and better performance


If you enjoyed our conversation, make sure to check out Kelly’s new book, The Joy of Movement


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