The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

Spartans, there are many challenges in this world that don’t have a clear solution, this one does! The importance of food security and good nutrition has never been more obvious than in the last few months. Local access to healthy food can come from a lack of land access or resources. Sprouting seeds solves all of these problems! Seeds are inexpensive and with a simple jar and some water, wherever you live, in less than 4 days you can sprout some of the highest density, bioavailable nutrients there are! Everything that you put into your body is a choice. Raise your standards around what you eat and you will perform at a higher level than you have known. The seeds want to come alive and so do you! It’s time to Sproutin’ Up Sproutans!

Doug Evans tells Joe De Sena how took responsibility for his own life, how he got off the fat, sugar, salt addiction, and finally how he became a guru of sprouting and how you can bring this powerful nutrition into your own life!

Sprouting is easy!
Sprouts are the ultimate “superfood”
Sprouting is affordable + accessible
Sprouting increases nutrient bioavailability
Eat local, nutritionally dense food
Seeds want to come alive
Eat sprouts daily
What you put into your body is a choice

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To learn more about seed conservation & Sefra Alexandra’s endurance race expeditions as the Seed Huntress:

1:00 The Seed Huntress introduces this “seedy” episode
3:00 Joining the 82nd Airborne Division
6:30 Finding his “Karate Kid” mentor
8:00 Addicted to fat, sugar + salt
9:30 Switching to a plant-based diet
11:00 Organic Avenue + Juicero start-ups
13:45 Living in a food “desert”
14:15 Welcome to SPROUTING
15:00 Bringing sprouting to the mainstream
16:45 Nutritional value of sprouts
17:45 Spartan sprouts!
18:45 Nutritionally dense, local food
19:20 Spartans, you can sprout anywhere!
20:15 Tools for sprouting
21:45 HOW to sprout
22:15 What happens nutritionally when you sprout?
23:30 Sprouting is easy !
23:45 Visit to start sprouting!
24:00 DUROLANE Break
25:30 Universal truth: vegetables are good for you
27:00 Adding sprouts to everything
28:45 The vast genius and ingenuity of nature
30:15 Affordability of sprouts
32:30 The Sprout Book
34:30 Medicinal properties of sprouts
36:45 Eating to train
37:15 Raising your standards
39:00 Your gut microbiome
41:30 How to make the transition
44:00 Sefra Alexandra | Seed Huntress expresses her joy ;} !

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Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.
Hosts: Joe De Sena + Sefra Alexandra. Johnny Waite & Colonel Nye are currently sprouting.
Synopsis – Sefra Alexandra | Seed Huntress
Production Assistant - Andrea Hagarty

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