The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena
Chuck Etchison founded the Jericho project after 20 years of heroin addiction and incarceration. Spartan Up host Johnny Waite was at our trail race, the Golden Gate classic in San Francisco, back in November. There was a group of guys, about 30 of them, all there to volunteer. He said these were interesting guys, these are hard guys, you could tell that they'd spent some time in trouble. But Johnny said he'd never seen such friendly, helpful, engaging, enthusiastic people. 30 of them did the work of 300. One of them told him about the Jericho project, that these are all guys who've been in prison, all guys who'd had addiction issues, all guys were on a track to spend the rest of their life doing that. But they all ended up in Chuck's program called the Jericho project.


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Host: Joe De Sena


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