The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

The world is facing a new paradigm and as a global events / racing company we at Spartan have had to pivot and pivot quickly to adapt. Today Joe De Sena, our host & the CEO of Spartan, speaks with Spartan’s Chief Marketing Officer Carola Jain and our host Col. Tim Nye speaks with Spartan’s VP of Merchandise Mike Lunardeli. We ask how Spartan as a company and a culture is stepping up to face its current business challenges.  We have been learning & talking about resilience, performance under pressure, and facing up to difficult challenges for years on this podcast - now we get to see Spartan put these lessons into action. What has been going on from the inside and how as a company and global community we are forging forward and taking on obstacles as they arise. Until we can race again, the trends have shifted to online content, home gyms and a massive surge in the desire to own your own equipment. Spartans will come back from this, a stronger community than ever. Take care of eachother, take care of yourself and keep moving! Aroo. 



  1. Pivot quickly 
  2. Take care of your community 
  3. Be creative with content 
  4. Try new things 
  5. Build a good team 
  6. Train where you are 
  7. Find the best version of yourself
  8. Keep moving! 
  9. Give it your all 



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0:00 The pod team introduces this special episode via zoom 


3:05 Interview begins with Spartan CMO Carola Jain 

3:55 the reality for Spartan 

5:05How to keep a largely furloughed staff motivated 

6:40 How kids are understanding this situation 

7:40 How do we take care of our community 

8:55 A 50,000 ft view of what’s going on at Spartan

9:05 Shifting to online content & demand for equipment 

13.55 Spartan at the forefront of social media reframing 

15:40 Assessing the “new normal”

17:25 Two areas Joe feels like he “failed”


20:25 Part 2 begins with Colonel Nye & VP of Merchandise Mike Lunardeli

19:25 Getting people to find a better version of themselves 

21:55 How Spartan Merch began & developed

23:55 Positioning Spartan as a global fitness brand 

25:55 Best sellers - and providing global access 

27:25 Shifting landscape with the shutdown

28:55 New trend of creating home gyms  

33:55 working overtime and giving it our all 

35:55 discounts & race deals- optimism & hope 

38:05 The Colonel, Johnny, Marion & Sefra discuss the interview 

42:35 Spartan Up community leaning in everyday at 2pm EST on zoom : 510-734-9695




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Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.

Hosts: Joe De Sena & Sefra Alexandra, Johnny Waite & Colonel Nye 

Synopsis – Sefra Alexandra

Production Assistant - Andrea Hagarty


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