The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

“The thing about negative thoughts, though, is that they can become barriers to us moving forward and achieving the things that we want, when we listen to them. Negative thoughts are a bit, a little bit like seeds, right? We plant them in our brain. But if we attend to them, right? And if we water them through that attention, they will grow and they will spread. So we actually want to work on some different skills, where we take the negative thoughts and we shift them, or transform them, or we move away from them altogether,” says Dr. Lara Pence, Spartan’s Chief Mind Doctor.

In this episode, we look back to some great episodes for help dealing with negative thoughts so we’re prepared going into the New Year. We look to Sal Di Stefano, Nate Carr, and Dr. Lara Pence to help us fight our demons. In this episode you’ll learn…

- Impact of training with a negative mindset of yourself instead of a negative one
- You don’t invite negative thoughts, they just come in. Prepare and train yourself for them
- NO means “Next opportunity”
- Counter-thinking negative thoughts, acknowledging they are only thoughts, and removing judgment about the thought

If you want to watch the full episodes,

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