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What do cage fighting and gluten free waffles have in common? Vince Nance. Vince and Joe De Sena cook up a great interview that discusses operational leadership, the rigors and rewards of Brasilian Jiu Jitsu and the importance of women’s self defense. Anarchy has never tasted so good! 



  • Don’t punch unless you mean it (always act with full intention
  • Start where you are!
  • Adjust as needs change 
  • Leave deep tracks 
  • Designate mental real estate to your commitments 
  • Legacy = people, love and action 
  • You can’t make excuses and learn at the same time


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0:00 The Col, Johnny & Dr. L introduce episode

1:15 sponsor intro

1:40 Vince & Joe De Sena begin by making waffles

4:30 Battling with the pancake tycoons  

5:30 Growing up with martial arts 

8:30 Lessons from the cage

11:30 sponsor break

15:00 Efficiency of living where you work 

16:00 Women’s self defense training 

18:15 Leaving your tracks 

19:00 The illusion of starting at the end

21:00 The keys to Brasilian Jiu Jitsu 

23:00 Letting go of your own preconceived notions 

25:00 Importance of women learning self defense

26:00 Organizational leadership 

27:00 Keeping the ego in check 

30:15 The Colonel, Johnny & Dr. L discuss how to apply these lessons to your life 

37:55 sponsor close




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Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.

Hosts: Joe De Sena, Col. Nye, Johnny Waite & guest host Dr. Lara Pence

Synopsis – Sefra Alexandra | Seed Huntress 

Production Assistant - Andrea Hagarty


© 2019 Spartan


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