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Three-Time Olympic Medalist Kristine Lilly’s Advice on Soccer and Life

Kristine was part of the world-renowned American Women’s soccer team that put women’s soccer on the map in the US!  On that team, she scored an incredible 130 goals in her 23-year career, played in 3 Olympics winning Gold in tow and Silver in the third, and is the most “capped” player in football history. She and Joe DeSena talk about being fit for life, the struggle and reward of the fight to the top, and her strategy for the tough days! Watch out, Joe may even get a black eye...



  1. Keep trying
  2. Know that EVERYTHING matters
  3. Make choices that make you a better person each day
  4. Push each other in workouts
  5. Belong to something that has like mindedness
  6. Be fit for life
  7. HAVE FUN!


Kristine Lilly


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0:00 Hosts Colonel Nye, Dr. L and Johnny Waite introduce the guest

2:30 Interview with Kristine Lilly begins

5:20 Joe calls his wife Courtney DeSena

8:40 Fitaid Break

10:15 31 Habits of Healthy Spartans: #1 eating window - intermittent fasting

11:27 Kristine Lilly Interview continues - being competitive

12:27 Healthy competition

15:00 Sharing goals for success

18:00 Why the women’s game did so well

21:40 Dr. L, Colonel Nye and Johnny Waite discuss the interview and how you can apply the lessons we learned into your daily routine

28:47 Fitaid special offer


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Hosts: Joe De Sena with Johnny Waite, Colonel Nye, Sefra Alexandra  and guest Dr. Lara Pence

Synopsis – Sefra Alexandra

Production Assistant - Andrea Hagarty


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