The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

In this fascinating discussion, Dr. Jeff Karp, a top biomedical innovator pulls back the curtain on the difficult journey medical breakthroughs must take to actually help patients. From navigating financial hurdles and clinical trial complexities to manufacturing challenges, hear the surprising barriers promising cures often face on their journey to your local pharmacy.
You'll also get an inside look at how real solutions are being developed. Discover how a nasal spray was created to potentially block COVID transmission and learn about groundbreaking "medical superglue" aiming to revolutionize heart repairs.
If you've ever wondered what really happens after exciting discoveries are made in white coats and petri dishes, don't miss this amazing conversation revealing the untold story of how cutting-edge science becomes accessible healthcare.

00:00 Intro
00:45 Who is Dr. Jeff Karp?
02:30 Complexity of finding and commercializing new solutions
06:42 Dr. Karp’s new book overview
08:30 Indigenous holistic approach to health
09:44 Narrowing of the senses we use to experience the world
11:40 Spartan shield for your nose – Profi Nasal Spray
15:10 Developing glue that can work inside the body

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Tired of synthetic pleasures leaving you unfulfilled?
Former financier and entrepreneur Seth Goldstein knows how easy it is to fall for fake dopamine hits. But he firmly believes that through discipline and authentic challenges like the Spartan Race, people can find genuine happiness and fulfillment.
In this episode, Seth shares his journey of creating an authentic snack brand called MASA Chips. From identifying a problem and analyzing reports to frying small batches of chips and testing the product, he offers proven strategies for making a successful business without compromising your idea. He made a 100% healthy and satisfying snack to help people ditch addictive junk and feel the real thing!
00:00 Intro
00:52 A demand for discipline & challenge
03:00 Starve yourself of synthetic s**t
05:07 Cucumber salad vs Snickers
06:06 Seth’s MASA Chips Company
10:38 Figure out how to fail cheaply
12:18 Find a real problem and solve it

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Tired of feeling drained? Struggling with inflammation or other health issues? Mason Kuhr shares his holistic approach to tapping into your inner strength.
​​Through simple daily rituals like cold exposure, meditation, and burpees, Mason has optimized his energy levels, productivity, and recovery. He'll reveal how reconnecting with nature can boost your immunity, testosterone, and more.
​​You'll also learn Mason's unique take on making wellness accessible and how Stampede Network is revolutionizing holistic living for the modern man or woman.
​​Discover real stories of people healing from issues like infertility and immobility through bee products and lifestyle tweaks. Mason will motivate you to optimize your health and performance from the inside out by harnessing your spiritual power.
​​00:00 A spiritual take on health and wellness
​​01:27 The benefits of bee bread
​​03:04 Making holistic wellness cool
​​05:50 Dopamine hacking
​​06:44 Mason’s daily routine
​​09:14 Meditation and dealing with stress
​​11:01 What’s next for Mason Kuhr?

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Dominic Schlueter was a regular kid who loved running. Through consistency, the right influences, and taking action on his dreams, he's built a thriving podcast and brand at just 18 years old.
In this episode, Dominic recounts how from a young age he found joy in challenging himself on the track. That drive soon led him to seek out greater obstacles through podcasts and books. And it inspired him to start his own show to share the stories of people that he found inspiring.
Dominic talks about his fascination with Joe’s podcast and “threats” from his dad to send him to Joe De Sena's infamous farm. Years later, he is having an interview with Joe himself and talking about pushing himself to the limit through running, life-changing lessons he learned about grit, a circle of influence, and turning passion into purpose.
Tune in to hear more from this fascinating young man!

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Joe De Sena sits down with a young entrepreneur Lukas Pakter, the founder of the SquidHaus fitness apparel company, to discuss sensitive global issues with nuance, as well as Lucas' unconventional path to building his booming athletic apparel brand.
Lucas shares his viral strategy of leveraging an "influential army" of top fitness creators to take over the scene. He plans to sell thousands of discounted tickets to Joe's Spartan Race using influencer codes, donating over $1M to charity in the process. Joe gives the plan his stamp of approval.
Viewers will learn Lucas's unique brand story, top tips for starting young, and lessons on accountability from these experienced leaders. With open discussion on controversy and actionable advice, this episode is a must-watch for anyone pursuing a business or looking to better understand complex issues.
00:00 Joe’s “controversial” post on IG
02:34 The conversation has to happen
04:06 We shy away from having a stance
05:59 What does SquidHaus mean and represent?
08:06 Finding a job vs. starting a company
10:04 Leveraging business through Spartan Race
14:34 How to start a business?
16:44 Three things every entrepreneur should do every day
19:55 Three books everybody needs to read
21:57 How to find Lukas Pakter?

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In this powerful episode, Spartan founder Joe De Sena sits down for an in-depth conversation with the amazing Brian Johnson, also known as the Heroic Philosopher CEO. They discuss Brian's strategies for building anti-fragile confidence through consistent action.
Brian shares how we can close the gap between who we are and who we want to be by doing what we say we'll do. He explains the importance of living each day with virtue and intensity.
Joe and Brian also discuss forging strength through challenges and gaining emotional stamina. Brian provides practical tools for taking control of your life through developing a clear protocol.
This episode will motivate and inspire you to play the ultimate game of life to your fullest potential. You'll walk away with actionable advice for overcoming obstacles and living without regret. Tune in to hear more!

00:00 Intro
01:19 Who is Brian Johnson?
02:52 Why did Brian write a book?
05:13 How do we become our best selves?
07:26 The power of Now
11:17 The new “phone” generation
14:16 Training heroes to become gods
16:57 Forge anti-fragile confidence
20:13 Surviving was the way of life
21:48 Anxiety and depression in today’s world
25:01 Brian’s protocol and advice
29:12 The eulogy exercise
32:44 How to find Brian?
34:31 Behind the scenes of the podcast
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In this hard-hitting episode, bestselling author Michael Easter joins Joe De Sena to discuss the
dangers of our addiction to comfort in the modern world. 
They explore how technologies like social media and junk food use the same psychological tricks
as slot machines to hijack our brains. Easter reveals the "scarcity loop" that makes these activities so addictive. They also debate controversial solutions like taxing junk food and mandatory military service. 
This thought-provoking discussion will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about comfort - and maybe inspire you to get a little uncomfortable yourself!

00:00 Intro
01:18 Michael Easter’s background
05:02 Lessons learned from skiing
06:27 Parenting mistakes and the danger of technology
09:44 The casino laboratory and a 3-part behavior loop
13:35 The negative consequences of casino games and phones
14:58 Snacking and junk food industry
17:02 Challenging things will make you thrive
20:37 Overeating and managing food
25:26 The power of phones and what to do
28:09 Mandatory military service and recruiting
30:53 Three things everybody should do daily
32:56 How to find Michael?
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Joe De Sena interviews Craig Siegel who is an author and motivational speaker. While having a successful business on Wall St Craig felt unfulfilled. He re-invented himself and constantly pushed himself into discomfort until he found a passion that would get him out of bed in the morning. He now helps others find their true potential and calling.

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Joe De Sena sits down with Co-Director of Christspiracy, Kameron Waters who talks about his upcoming film which he and his co-director bought back from Netflix making it the first of its kind to do so. This is the sequel to the popular Seaspiracy, What the Health and Cowspiracy which explores The Spirituality Secret kept hidden for thousands of years. To help Kameron buy the movie back from Netflix they are launching a kickstarter which you can find here:

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Jessie Kanzer, author of UNLOCKING YOUR INNER ZELENSKY shares profound life lessons drawn from Volodymyr Zelensky's words and actions, and shows us how we too can access our Inner Zelensky to improve how we lead, conduct ourselves, and how we live. Jessie Kanzer, a half-Ukrainian child of the USSR who had a small part in Zelensky’s first major film, sees Zelensky as "a spiritual leader for our times." Joe sits down with her to discover what we can do to become better leaders.


For those interested in the book please visit:

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On this episode Joe De Sena interviews Eric Frohardt who is a retired Navy Seal and purple heart recipient. Eric talks about his time in active service and his transition to becoming COO of Defy. Episode presented by Mudgear.

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On this episode of The Hard Way Joe De Sena sits down with Ed Hajim, a successful Wall Street executive who persevered through some of life's hardest tests as a young child.


Ed was kidnapped by his father at 3 years old and left in foster care and continued to fight through all the obstacles in front of him to now living a life of giving back to younger generations. In his latest book, The Island of the Four P's, he created a fable that helps prepare the youth for their future. 


To learn more about Ed or buy a copy of his book visit:

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Joe brings on longtime friend and an original Spartan; Zach Even Esh. Joe and Zach talk about why it's important to toughen up in modern times and what the reasons are for the increase of softness in society.

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Andrea Miller is the founder and CEO of YourTango, an independent, purpose-driven publisher focused on relationships, emotional resilience, love, and self-empowerment tha attracts more than 23 million unique visitors each month organically. Joe and Andrea talk about the loneliness epidemic and how the modern tools out there have made fostering relationships more difficult than ever.

For more info head to: 

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Joe interviews Angelo Poli who is the founder of Metabolic Profiling (MetPro), which is an advanced methodology that analyzes a person’s specific response to diet and activity, and adjusts based on their personal needs and goals. Angelo breaks down his process for helping thousands of people achieve their goal weight and how the metabolism works differently for every single person. For more info head to:

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Jaime Bronstein, LCSW is a relationship therapist, coach, host of “Love Talk Live” on LA Talk Radio, wife, and mama. She was named the #1 relationship coach transforming lives in 2020 by YahooFinance.

Joe sits down with her to talk about manifesting and what it takes to turn dreams into reality through hard work and faith. 



Website: Amazon Link for my book, "MAN*ifesting: A Step-By-Step Guide to Attracting the Love That's Meant for You."



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Kelly and Juliet Starrett are pioneers in creating functional movement to improve quality of life. They have worked with Navy SEALS, Olympic and pro athletes, and weekend warriors to help them prevent injury and improve performance through customized programs. Kelly and Juliet are the co-founders of The Ready State, a virtual mobility coaching platform, and San Francisco CrossFit.


Their new book Built to Move: The 10 Essential Habits to Help You Move Freely and Live Fully aims to present 10 practices proven to enhance mobility, make you feel energetic and improve your quality of life.


You can order their new book at:

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After receiving millions of views on social media and dozens of comments asking where the full speech is we've published Joe De Sena's 10x Growth Con Speech. In this speech Joe talks about what it takes to become successful in whatever you're pursuing. The journey is always the same and this is what to expect. Episode is Presented by Athletic Brewing Co.

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Joe De Sena sits down with Don Saladino, aka The Trainer to the Stars. Don is known for whipping celebrities into shape for major movies. He's worked with Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, John Krasinski any many more. For more info on Don click here: 

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Dr. Luana Marques is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, Founder and Director of Community Psychiatry PRIDE at Massachusetts General Hospital, and the former President of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. In her new book, she outlines an accessible approach for readers to not only manage their anxiety, but also address its root—avoidance. Get a copy of her new book here:

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Joe De Sena sits down with Dr. Gladys McGarey, author of "The Well-Lived Life" and talks about what it takes to live a long, healthy and happy life.

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Joe De Sena sits down with Dr. Gladys McGarey, author of "The Well-Lived Life" and talks about what it takes to live a long, healthy and happy life.

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The CEO of O2 Hydration joins the show to talk about the obstacles and life of entrepreneurship. What has Dave learned through his journey of building O2 and what does the future of sports drinks look like?

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Dr. Amen is a physician, psychiatrist, and founder of Amen Clinics with 11 locations across the U.S. Amen Clinics has the world’s largest database of brain scans for psychiatry totaling more than 210,000 SPECT scans on patients from 155 countries. He is the founder of BrainMD, a science-based nutraceutical company, and Amen University, which has trained thousands of medical and mental health professionals on the methods he has developed. He is the go-to resource for all things brain health and Joe De Sena asks him ways to boost overall brain health.

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Brian Johnson is the creator of Optimize and the Founder + CEΦ of Heroic. He’s spent half of the last twenty-five years as a Founder/CEO and the other half as a Philosopher. Not only does Brian know the secrets in creating successful businesses but he also knows the secrets to living an optimal life.


For more information on Brian click here:

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Dr. Amy Shah Dr. Shah graduated Magna Cum Laude from Cornell University's world renowned school of nutrition. She helps busy people transform their health using cutting-edge nutritional and medical science. Her proven techniques to heal inflammation utilize the power of the microbiome to help digestion, obtain natural hormone balance and heal food sensitivities. She is a well-known expert on intermittent fasting for women. In this interview she explains what we got wrong about food, how our cravings can be controlled and the impact food has on our entire health.

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Joe sits down with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a humanitarian, spiritual leader and an ambassador of peace and human values. Through his life and work, Gurudev has inspired millions around the world with a vision of a stress-free, violence-free world. 

To follow Gurudev visit:

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Paul Chek is a world-renowned expert in the fields of corrective and high-performance exercise kinesiology, stress management and holistic wellness. In a world of biohacking and shortcuts to achieve health Paul breaks down what it truly takes to achieve optimal health. Please like and subscribe!


You can follow Paul here:

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On this episode renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. Vonda Wright shares what she does to help athletes unlock peak performance.

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Jack Jarvis, a soldier from Hamble, Hampshire, spent 111 days at sea becoming the first solo rower to have rowed from mainland Europe to North America. Joe sits down to interview how the soldier rowed 4,500 nautical miles (8,334km) from Portugal to South Florida.

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Follow Michael here:

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RJ Singh is on a mission to achieve ultra-performance in all areas of life. His mastery of ultra-habits helped him turn his life around and now he hopes to inspire others to do the same. Through commitment and absolute dedication to the evolution of the mind, body, and spirit, people can prosper in all areas of their lives. To achieve this, we require intention, discipline, and solid habits.


Can follow RJ here:

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Ryan Serhant is a real estate broker, CEO, and founder of SERHANT. He's also a bestselling author, producer, and star of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing New York and Sell It Like Serhant. In this interview he reveals what the real estate market is doing in 2023 and his overall recommended investing philosophy when it comes to real estate. He also talks about his tips for success.

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Jen Cohen is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, brand strategist, international speaker, podcaster and educator with a specific focus on building healthy habits and inspiring people to achieve their biggest dreams through boldness.


Her new book Bigger, Better Bolder aims to help people achieve the life they want by being bold.


Grab a copy here:

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Bill Eckstrom helps executive leaders, front-line managers, athletic coaches, teachers learn how to master coaching in order to enhance performance and growth.


After his TEDx Talk became the most viral talk in the history of that event, it became clear that the world was eager to understand growth and performance through Bill’s eyes.


Bill and Joe talk about the world of coaching and what it takes to elevate a group to improve their overall performance.

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