The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

Crawling toward the Iron Man Kona finish line, the end in sight, Chris Legh collapsed before he could reach it. Despite winning 96 triathlons, Chris Legh is best known for the one he DNFed. He clawed his way into contention only to fall violently ill. Legh staggered towards the finish line but fainted and crossed the finish line unofficially, prostrate on a stretcher. It took a lot of guts, as you'll find out, but he thinks you'd do the same thing in his position. Whether you would or not is largely a question on how much you take Legh's compelling lessons on grit to heart.
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1. It's only pain.
2. Don't do anything half heartedly; make a decision and focus on something with all your power.
3. To stay motivated, get an hour down the road even if you're tired, and chances are you'll go further anyway.

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