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I often find myself giving other’s opinions, especially a stranger’s, more value over what I find valuable or purposeful. In this episode I introduce and toss around a few thought processes that help me defeat falling into that trap.


Who has authority over how we feel? Who lends the ultimate approval on what it is that fills us with purpose or value? Is it your ‘why’ or is it someone else’s ‘why’ that gives us energy and direction? If it isn’t each of us ourself, then why are we always looking for the thumbs up from other’s to be our authentic selves and hesitate to be when we receive a frown; especially from a stranger?


Being conscious and aware when someone else is making you feel guilty for doing right, being good, or enjoying what moves you will empower you to refuse being a victim or held captive by a weaker person.



  • YOU are responsible, YOU have the authority to approve of Yourself.
  • Know what is right, know what is wrong - Do right, don’t do wrong; you don’t need. approval or permission for this.
  • Be aware when others try to take undue priority over you.
  • Always: common decency, respect - courteous & kind.


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Producer: Marion Abrams, Madmotion,llc.

Host: Brian “tosh” Chontosh

Show notes: Brian “tosh” Chontosh


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