The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

“It’s okay if they see you as the underdog, but don’t believe that you are the underdog,” says former NFL pro JJ Birden. Birden played in 9 NFL seasons for the Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Falcons from 1988 to 1996.

Spartan Up DEKA series hosts Jarod Cogswell and Yancy Culp interview JJ Birden to help the listener learn: 


-How to sustain success after the ‘highlight’ after your life

-Why it’s okay if other people see you as an underdog

-How to focus your efforts on making small, incremental improvements

-The #1 trait of good leaders: leading from the front and how to implement this methodology in your life

-How to make decisions under pressure: Process, Decide and Commit

-Why team sports for America’s youth?


About JJ: 

JJ is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, husband and father. He has been married to his college sweetheart, Raina, for 30 years and has 8 children (3 biological and 5 adopted nieces and nephews). He and his family reside in the Phoenix area. JJ Birden is an engaging communicator, passionate presenter, and a leading authority on helping individuals seize their opportunities in life. 


Connect with JJ Birden:

Website: JJBirden.Com

Twitter: @jjbirden

Instagram: @jjbirden



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