The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

While most would have quit after repeatedly getting cut from teams, Dre Baldwin refused to give up on his basketball dreams. This episode shares his incredible journey from benchwarmer to going pro, despite the countless setbacks along the way.
You'll learn how he maintained an unstoppable motivation to improve day after day through strategies like constantly problem-solving new approaches. Dre also discusses the mindset it takes to achieve big goals, emphasizing the importance of working with others who are truly ready to put in the effort.
For anyone wanting to up their game in life and business, this episode is a must-watch source of inspiration and practical advice on overcoming obstacles through grit and determination.
00:00 Intro
00:46 Work on Your Game phrase
02:29 Why don’t people work on their game?
04:55 Staying focused and motivated  
06:55 Fight against the gravity
08:45 How to motivate unmotivated people?
14:17 Joe’s invite to his event
15:18 Transformation stories
19:31 How can people find Dre

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