The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

Getting curious is the unsung hero of mental toughness. Sometimes our ego likes to play first man and we close ourselves off to the wisdom, expertise, and knowledge of others. But the truth is, when we do this we are actually closing ourselves off to growth, expansion, and enlightenment. The more available we are to learning and taking in what others have to offer the more we can fill our mind with the ‘good stuff’ and rid ourselves of the junk.  



  • Getting curious and becoming available to the expertise and knowledge of others is important in gaining wisdom and getting rid of that which doesn’t serve you.
  • Get curious by asking the individuals you admire:
    1. How do you do it?
    2. How did you get here?
    3. What have you learned and know to be true?
  • Set aside your ego and become available to new information through books, conversations, podcasts, documentary movies, and more!


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