The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

We all carry around wounds, grievances, and past hurts. Some of these are from decades ago while others may be more recent. If we aren’t paying attention what these are they can weigh us down - impacting our choices, behaviors, and relationships. In this episode, learn how to take a look at what’s in your sandbag, understand and explore the wounds and grievances that may be impacting you the most, and identify ways to attend to them carefully.  



  • Your past wounds and grievances can impact your choices and relationships in the present, especially if you are not paying attention and trying to ignore them.  
  • When you pay attention to these wounds and grievances they are less likely to weigh you down.
  • A good technique to use to understand what’s in your sandbag is to ask yourself these three questions:
    1. What wounds am I carrying around with me?
    2. Which wounds might I need to let go of?
    3. Is there someone I need to loop in so that I can begin to heal?




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