The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

Joe and Zackary delve into the powerful symbolism behind carrying a couch through Spartan Races, a tribute to those struggling with addiction and a call to leave comfort for the community. Zach shares his personal story of overcoming addiction and physical challenges, emphasizing the importance of helping others, especially adaptive athletes, to conquer obstacles.
The conversation touches on modern issues like the dangers of fentanyl, the impact of simulated experiences on youth, and the need for real connections. With heartfelt anecdotes and practical wisdom, Joe and Zach inspire listeners to push beyond their limits and support one another in the journey of life.

00:42 Intro
02:12 We seek comfort at all costs
05:57 Crazy trip to Wales and making connections
10:14 Empowering kids by challenging them
17:22 The dangers of fentanyl addiction
21:03 Carrying a couch to raise awareness
25:23 Race in a wheelchair and the shift in mindset
29:51 Creating real connections and relationships

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