The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena
In this episode, Joe De Sena, chats with his friend Kalojan Georgiev, currently residing in Zanzibar. Kalojan provides an engaging insight into the untapped potential of Zanzibar as a prime investment destination and a wonderful place to live.
Kalojan highlights the significant return on investment in Zanzibar, which can reach up to 15-20%, far exceeding returns in more developed regions. He explains the unique appeal of Zanzibar for tourists and investors alike, emphasizing its growing tourism industry and the high demand for quality accommodations.
Kalojan also shares his personal lifestyle in Zanzibar, balancing work, family, and a range of outdoor activities. This episode will make you consider Zanzibar for investment opportunities as well as a new living destination, promising a vibrant community and a high quality of life.

00:00 Intro
00:57 The work ethic of Eastern Europeans
05:32 Investing in tropical destinations
08:14 Potential high returns with investing in Zanzibar
14:41 Zanzibar real estate investing examples
16:33 Innovative education system in a beachside community
19:27 How to connect to Kalojan Gerogiev
21:03 Balancing work and family life in Zanzibar
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Meet the world's toughest inspiration - 98-year-old Lala LaLanne!
In this episode, Joe De Sena sits down with the fitness legend to uncover her secrets to breaking records, crushing workouts, and staying motivated well into her 90s.
Listen as Elaine shares incredible stories of her and her late husband Jack's accomplishments over the decades. She'll also give you an inside look at her current mission - rallying people worldwide to shatter her record of 2,251 jumping jacks.
If you want to add years to your life and life to your years, you don't want to miss this rare chance to learn from the woman who proves aging is truly just a mindset. You can connect with Lala through her website and listen to more of her valuable advice on the Pass It Along Podcast which she co-hosts with Greg Justice.


00:00 Intro
00:51 Who is Lala Lalanne?
04:48 Lala’s books and upcoming movie
07:54 Jack LaLanne jumping jack challenge
11:39 ARCH – attitude, resistance, consistency, harmony
15:06 Aging is like a sport, you have to train for it  
17:55 If you want something to happen, don’t be a quitter!
26:18 Learn to like yourself and improve
28:19 Where can people find Lala?

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Tired of feeling stuck in a rut? Discover how taking on new challenges can make you feel alive again at any age.
In this empowering episode, Gwendolyn Bounds shares how she conquered self-doubt and found her inner athlete later in life. She discusses her transformation from a sedentary to a competitive obstacle course racer through grit and community support.

Gwendolyn Bounds is an award-winning journalist and author whose career spans media brands including The Wall Street Journal, ABC News, Consumer Reports, CNBC, SmartNews, and more.

Her latest book “NOT TOO LATE: The Power of Pushing Limits at Any Age” captures the mental and physical benefits of pursuing something hard that you love – a starkly different prescription for wellbeing in a world filled with hacks and shortcuts to find happiness and good health. 

Anchoring Gwendolyn’s book is the story of her own midlife evolution from an unathletic desk-bound news executive glued to her screens into an age-group medalist and world championship competitor in the daunting sport of obstacle course racing. 

In NOT TOO LATE, Gwendolyn offers a roadmap for action and realistic change that anyone can use to tap inner reserves, face fear, and push boundaries. You can find Gwendolyn on social media and sign up for her newsletter at


00:00 Intro
01:02 The power of pushing limits at any age
02:46 It’s never too late for sports or Spartan race
07:01 Lessons from the obstacle course racing
10:40 Helping people to get moving after the pandemic
17:12 The Death Race in Vermont
18:15 How can people find Gwendolyn
20:09 How to get started and Not Yet mentality
24:16 The joy of pushing yourself beyond your limits
28:39 Life is about small choices

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Joe and Zackary delve into the powerful symbolism behind carrying a couch through Spartan Races, a tribute to those struggling with addiction and a call to leave comfort for the community. Zach shares his personal story of overcoming addiction and physical challenges, emphasizing the importance of helping others, especially adaptive athletes, to conquer obstacles.
The conversation touches on modern issues like the dangers of fentanyl, the impact of simulated experiences on youth, and the need for real connections. With heartfelt anecdotes and practical wisdom, Joe and Zach inspire listeners to push beyond their limits and support one another in the journey of life.

00:42 Intro
02:12 We seek comfort at all costs
05:57 Crazy trip to Wales and making connections
10:14 Empowering kids by challenging them
17:22 The dangers of fentanyl addiction
21:03 Carrying a couch to raise awareness
25:23 Race in a wheelchair and the shift in mindset
29:51 Creating real connections and relationships

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