The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

Dr. Jen Welter, Coach Kevin Ward, and Dr. Jeff Karp are the people we need to listen to for advice to build the best team of people possible in all walks of life.

Dr. Jeff Karp says, “When you take someone who is outside the discipline, they start asking these basic questions that can actually break down those dogmas. And then you start questioning, you know, how the entire field was evolved. You know, like there's like this kind of framework and you start breaking down that framework and you realize that there's completely new ways of thinking that could be helpful. So I think just as a general kind of principle in life, it's, you know, surrounding yourself with people who have expertise and skills that you don't have.”

In this episode you’ll learn:

- Using diversity as a strength from Dr. Jen Welter
- Defining your culture with Coach Kevin Ward. How to maintain a team that wants to work and serve themselves
- Why Dr. Jeff Karp has multiple people from different backgrounds to bring a deeper understanding to all problems


If you want to watch the full episodes,

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Dr. Jeff Karp | Problem-Solving Skills from the Bio-Tech Industry



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