The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

Beau Miles, the Backyard Adventurer, poly-jobist, Doctor of Philosophy, author, is back to tell us about how he fuels himself on his days-long journeys.

“If it's days and days at a time, and the slower you're going, and you're doing that longer burn where your heart rate's ticking along at 130 the whole time, and you're not really stopping, you're always moving. I'm basically just eating normally, whatever way I can. That decides, you know, I'll have a sandwich, I'll have some licorice, I'll have some dates, I'll have lots of dried fruit and nuts, and some salty potatoes or an egg. I'll just bloody eat anything,” says Beau Miles.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

- Trust your body to tell you what you want and crave
- How Beau is eating on his long expeditions
- How eating only beans for 40 days and then running an Ultra Marathon ended Beau’s cravings
- The key companion is yourself. Listen to what your body and mind are telling you

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