The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

Brian Nunez, IDEA World Fitness Personal Trainer of the year in 2019, owner of FNS (Fitness Never Sleeps) Training Center, author, and coach, talks to us about the highest qualities we can find in coaches and tips we can use to coach each other.

“And if we lead from the back, as a unified team, then we will leave nobody behind. And nobody can get past us, because we’re making sure that they’re safe along the way,” says Brian Nunez.

Today, Yancy and Jarod talk with Brian about the reasons we need a coach, and why we coach in the first place. In this episode, you’ll learn:

- Sharpen other swords other than your strongest, surround yourself with people who have different skillsets
- Feel the love around you and celebrate
- Lead from behind
- We have destinations that we want to reach but can’t reach on our own. A coach helps you get there
- Early on in your fitness journey, make sure to encourage fun, it’s the most important part

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