The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

“It comes down to doing a little bit more each year,” says Gene Dykes, on how to create a mindset that bucks societal norms of what’s possible.


Spartan Up Endurance Series host, Johnny Waite, talks with Gene about how to have fun while running, how to insulate yourself from societal pressures that say ‘you’re too old to run’ and Gene’s approach to goal setting. In this episode you’ll learn: 


-What time of the year to set goals and what criteria to use when picking a race

-Be choosy about who you let in your inner circle: Gene’s limitless mindset is a product of the people he surrounds himself with

-When picking a race, ask yourself: what can I do to make it fun?

-Gene’s most prized record

Connect with Gene: 

-Twitter: @TheUltraGeezer

-Instagram: @genewdykes

-Website: UltraGeezer



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