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How do you live life with no regrets? Tune into this episode with fitness inventor and export Pete Holman, who joins SpartanUp DEKA series hosts’ Jarod Cogswell and Yancy Culp, to share tactical advice on how to ‘leave it all on the table.’  In this you’ll learn...


-What question you should ask yourself on your deathbed

-About Pete’s inspiration for the TRX Rip Trainer

-How you can create something from dust

-The turning point in Pete’s life and how you can find yours

-To never underestimate the impact you can have one someone else’s life


About Pete Holman

Pete’s accreditation as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA, has enabled him to work with professional athletes and strength coaches from the MLB, NFL, NBA, UFC, X-Games and SunEnergy1 race car team: most notably Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Famer Jerome “The Bus” Bettis and 8 time X-Games and Olympic gold medalist, Mike Schultz. Pete presents for IDEA FIT (the largest continuing education provider for personal trainers in the world,) writes for IDEA Fitness Journal, PTontheNet, STACK magazine and IronMan Magazine and has appeared on national tv shows such as the Dr’s and the Steve Harvey show.  


Pete’s dedication to advancing the fitness industry and his entrepreneurial spirit has inspired him to create multiple products that impact fitness enthusiasts and athletes worldwide. His first product, The Functional Training Rack, was licensed to Perform Better in 2008 and inspired “hoop” platforms for current stability ball rack designs. His second product, the RIPCORE-FX, was acquired by TRX and is now referred to as the TRX Rip Trainer. The Rip Trainer has grossed over $20 million in worldwide sales and continues to be a leading rotational training modality used by athletes such as Steph Curry, Phil Mickelson and Drew Brees. His latest product, a plate loaded Hip Thrust machine called the Glute Drive, was licensed to Nautilus and is currently their number one selling commercial strength product, selling over 2000 units in its first year.


Pete recently authored his first book, a fictional piece called CRUZ, published by Scriptor publishing. The book is an homage to athletic development, coaching, mentorship and the underdog in us all.

Connect with Pete:

-Website: PH1Performance.Com

-Twitter: @PeteHolman1

-Instagram: @PeteHolman1



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