The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

What defines you? Is it your origins? What you've overcome? What you've achieved? Who you are becoming? By any measure, Curt Maggitt is a champion. We met Curt, a former NFL Colts player, at the 2020 inaugural Spartan Games presented by Harley Davidson, where he launched out of his comfort zone tackling challenges ranging from Spartan courses and mountain biking to Deka fit and wrestling- all with a smile and an unrelenting drive.

Childhood wasn't easy, Curt's mother died when he was two leaving his father raised three children "I've always told myself, nothing I do in life will ever be hard compared to what my dad has done throughout his life."

In today's Spartan Up podcast Joe DeSena and Curt Maggitt talk about growing up in rough neighborhoods, about Curt's journey to the NFL, about the inaugural Spartan Games and what Curt thought of his fellow athletes, and about the MBA Curt was earning that very week.


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Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.

Host: Joe De Sena 

Sefra Alexandra, Johnny Waite & Colonel Nye will be back soon, we miss them!

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