The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

On this special Mother's Day episode Joe De Sena talks with Janine Shepherd. She was training with the Australian Ski Team, positioned to be headed towards the Olympics, when a tragic accident sent her to a spinal ward for 6 months. She was forced to shift everything she thought defined her. She has led her life by the concept that a broken body is not a broken person. Through her dedication to Hope Theory- where hope is a cognitive skill- based on goals, pathways and agency- she guides us to cultivate resilience within ourselves. At the end of the episode hear what Joe De Sena and the rest of the Spartan Up team learned from their mothers!

What does Janine advise to thriving in the difficult times we are facing? One way is to create goals with soul. You want to be striving towards something that you really look forward to and that has you racing out of bed. Be optimistic and have gratitude towards the work that you GET to do. Remember, those around you especially your kids are learning their models of resilience by watching you. 

Next - start your day with a gratitude practice. Morning is best because it sets your day on the right track EARLY. Then ask - what would make today great?

An last, strength is not just about the body, it’s truly about the mind. It’s important to practice “self-compassion” breaks and realize that with dedication and positivity you can Accomplish anything. Janine has become a mother of three, an extremely accomplished pilot and a true shining beacon of resilience. 

Refrain your brain, develop a ritual of gratitude - especially for the mothers out there on this special Mother's Day episode!  


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  1. Strength comes from the body and MIND 
  2. It’s about what is inside
  3. Hope is a cognitive skill 
  4. Children learn resilience from those closest to them 
  5. Cultivate resilience within yourself 
  6. Gratitude works 
  7. Take self-compassion breaks 
  8. It’s about goals, pathways + agency 
  9. Have things that you looking forward to 
  10. Have a goal wit soul 
  11. Social distancing is a privilege 
  12. It’s about optimism, positivity + gratitude 
  13. If you can’t change your situation- change your attitude! 


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0:00 Team introduction to this special Mother’s Day episode


1:30 “Janine the Machine” + the Australian Ski Team

3:00 surrendering to the accident + seeing a sign 

4:00 What is strength? 

5:00 The mind + creating a resilient life

7:00 Hope Theory 

8:00 Ritual of gratitude 

11:15 The importance of self-compassion breaks 


12:55 Interview begins with tree huggin’

15:00 Becoming a pilot 

16:00 Goals, pathways + agency 

18:00 Goals with Soul 

21:00 The richness of painful times

22:30 social distancing as a privilege 

23:30 Optimism, positive + gratitude 

25:30 The podcast team discusses Janine’s interview 

29:00 The podmates discuss the greatest lessons from their moms



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Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.

Hosts: Joe De Sena, Johnny Waite, Colonel Nye, Sefra Alexandra & Dr. L  

Synopsis – Sefra Alexandra | Seed Huntress 

Production Assistant - Andrea Hagarty


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