The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

Kwame Christian is a master negotiator, and he is all about helping you become one too. He is the bestselling author of "No One Will Play With Me - Finding Confidence in Conflict", and host of the #1 negotiation podcast in the world, "Negotiate Anything". We cover much more than just business negotiation in this episode, focusing on family and personal dynamics that may be especially challenging in current times.

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Key Takeaways


We are always negotiating

Generosity is on of the best negotiation techniques

Listening is so important

Unarticulated expectations lead to disappointment

Negotiation skills can be learned ad practiced

Shifting from Fear of Failure to Fear of Regret

Best Things in Life are on Other Side of Difficult Conversations

Time Stamps...

1:20 Interview starts

3:00 What drew Kwame to negotiation

4:00 What is Negotiation

5:07 Negotiation skills

6:31 Kwame's Podcasts - A FREE resource, including one specifically for women

7:30 How to recognize a negotiation situation

8:43 How to best approach a negotiation

9:18 Why generosity is one of the best negotiation techniques

10:34 Importance of listening

12:10 How to build reciprocity

14:30 Everything is a negotiation

15:20 Family negotiations during lockdown


16:45 #1 Reason for Breakdown of Relationships

17:58 Best way to initiate sensitive conversations

19:01 Different communications styles and needs

21:07 Giving somebody something they can't give themselves

21:55 What is empathy and why it matters

25:00 Ike's Question : mistaking my kindness for weakness

27:15 Framing the conversation

29:35 Two Parts of Negotiation : Value Creation and Value Dividing

31:10 Marion's Question : elaborating on how to approach value dividing part

32:08 Example of sticking to your position while still being curious

36:28 How to Practice Your Negotiation Skills

37:30 Asking for Feedback after difficult conversations

39:30 Being successful without being articulate

40:42 Shift from Fear of Failure to Fear of Regret

42:13 Viewing Conflict as Opportunity

44:00 Biggest myth about body language

45:55 Letting go of a bad opportunity to find the right opportunity

47:00 Best things in life are on other side of difficult conversations

50:20 Importance of perspective and space

53:18 Recognizing our patterns of conflict and pre-negotiating challenging situations

54:10 Jen Goodman book : "Freeing Yourself From Conflict"

55:24 Kwame's contact info and resources


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