The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

This special episode features a remarkable panel recorded at Spartan World Media Fest brought to you by ATP Science. Learn to create your own personal board of advisors, how to choose who influences you, AND how to use your own wisdom learned on life's journey to positively impact others. This rockstar episode features Spartan founder Joe De Sena, our buddy Anders Varner from Shrugged Collective, Jared Easley of Podcast Movement, Joe Polish of the Genius Network, Major League Baseball player and Ultrarunner Eric Byrnes, and Spartan legend Amelia Boone. Each of these individuals have a remarkable tale, and when put together this conversation about how to build your personal board of directors is a roadmap for how to traverse the bumps in the road which as Amelia says, “is what makes it fun!” Enjoy. 



  1. Build your own personal board of directors
  2. Disruptors bring awareness- learn from them 
  3. Answer to the higher calling of the organization 
  4. Know your true north, what motivates you and listen to your gut
  5. Don’t let your secrets make you sick 
  6. Build your culture around your core values
  7. Put yourself in vulnerable positions and attack life
  8. Use your story to help others in need
  9. Don’t get wrapped up in “woundology” 
  10. Focus on the positive impacts your are creating 
  11. “Your winning or your learning” 
  12. Lead from a place of love 
  13. BE NICE 
  14. Don’t take your feelings too personally 
  15. The bumps in life is what makes it fun 



Joe Polish

Eric Byrnes

Amelia Boone

Anders Varner

Jared Easley


The Spartan World Media Fest was made possible by ATP Science 



0:00 Marion introduces this special episode with an open panel 

1:58 Spartan Media Fest Panel intro’s: Joe De Sena, Anders Varner, Eric Byrnes, Jared Easley & Amelia Boone

5:30 Beginning of Amelia Boone’s Spartan journey in the snow at Joe’s

7:00 Joe De Sena on building his personal “board of directors”

11:30 Anders Varner on building a strong team

12:30 Disruptors and their benefit 

14:00 Answering the the higher calling of the organization 

14:45 Eric Byrnes on baseball and mental capacity in endurance 

16:45 Amelia Boone on being your own brand, friends and family 

17:45 Knowing your true north, what motivates you & listening to your gut 

18:45 Being prudent verse taking a chance 

19:15 Joe Polish intro,  the Genius Network and helping people in recovery

20:28 Viewing and treating addicts with compassion 

21:00 Joe Polish’s breaking point in life & how he got sober 

22:45 The Genius Recovery platform & fighting silent battles 

23:30 Not letting your secrets make you sick 

24:30 Establishing family and business culture with values 

26:00 Living your life with a sense of purpose  when you have influence 

27:35 Positives of being in the spotlight and making beneficial impacts 

28:45 Accumulating experience- being in vulnerable positions and attacking life

29:45 Amelia Boone on struggling with an eating disorder & the public’s response

31:00 having courage to speak out - “Disorder and shame thrive in silence and darkness”

32:45 not getting wrapped up in “woundology” 

34:00 “Your winning or your learning” 

37:00 This awesome panel ends with life lessons and final thoughts 




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Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.

Hosts: Joe De Sena, Guest panelists: Anders Varner, Eric Byrnes, Jared Easley, Amelia Boone and moderator Joe Polish

 “Dr.” Johnny Waite Col. Nye & Sefra Alexandra were cheering them on in the audience at the Spartan World Media Fest 

Synopsis – Sefra Alexandra | Seed Huntress 

Production Assistant - Andrea Hagarty


© 2019 Spartan

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