The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

Spartan's "Chief Mind Doc" Dr. L says: Teaching your children to tolerate distress is not an easy task. It requires clear boundaries and firm NOs. It’s not always easy to be firm when your kid’s have strong wants and desires that, at times, put you in precarious positions. But it’s important that your children understand that they cannot always have their way and learn to tolerate what this feels like. As adults, they will feel disappointment, experience heartache, and see sadness. Teaching them to tolerate such feelings and exposing them to the journey will help them along the way and give them a chance to build resiliency and grit.

Firm NOs and strong boundaries are what children need to feel safe.
Teaching your children how to tolerate distress is a critical lesson that will translate into adulthood.
With friends and family, remember that you also need to set clear boundaries, say NO when you need to, and tolerate the distress that comes with it.

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